NAM Heca not working anymore

I hope it’s not too off-topic but it seems the heating of my NAM has stopped working. It has been cool and humid in the past weeks and duty cycle is constantly at 100%. However, HECA temperature and humidity are identical with the “actual” measurement and the heating element is cold. I can see everything working as expected until April 2022. Firmware has been running since 2021. According to your experience what should I change? The heating element? The Heca wireboard?

OK, forget it. I power-cycled the sensor today and it’s working again :slight_smile:

Which firmware you use with HECA?

The GUI says NAMF-2020-41. I loaded the beta branch into VSCode (don’t know when exactly), added a field in the GUI for a scaling factor to fix unrealistic SDS011 results and built the firmware early November 2021. However, due to my lack of understanding how git, VSCode, etc work I have lost all my changes :frowning: