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My first build and installation — first in my region, one of the few in the country

Hi all, my name is Will and I’m based in Indonesia. I have finally completed my first build and I can’t be more happy about the result of it being the first.

I purchase everything off AliExpress (NodeMCU v3 with a BME280), and printed a Stevenson enclosure. It has been online for almost a week now, and it now has found it’s permanent installation.

The sensor is stable and very accurate so far. I connected it to HomeKit via homebridge-airrohr, and I also use Air Matters app to have it as a widget on my homescreen.

I thought I’d share this to the community.


Dear willio, congratulations to your new build and we’re very happy about your post and that you found us. The Sensor network and the global community is constantly growing and it is great to have your measuring station on the global map. Best greetings from Europe, Lukas.

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Glad to be part of this.

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