MQTT Support to send data to local servers

Hey folks,

I stumbled over this community when looking for Air Quality Sensors for my home automation. I read a bit about the project checked out the map and like the idea of it, so that I would gladly contribute my data as well. I checked the “build your own sensor” page and saw that you are offering an ESP firmware that basically is ready to go.

I’m just missing one info. I suppose the firmware posts the data to some end point of the project to generate the grafana visu. But can I also configure it to post it to my local MQTT Server as well? Or is it only meant to post it to your servers?


In the configuration page you can add your own server in parallel:


Thank you for the Screenshot! So sadly, no MQTT. I would have been fine with Influx, but since I updated to openhab3, I just got rid of it (I mainly used it for the shiny grafana charts, but the new charts in OH3 are enough for me, so one server process less running on the pi …).

Maybe I can utilize the http api with openhab.

The firware is not that complicated. You can maybe built a custom one with what you need.