Mounting position

Hello everybody,

On the website I don’t see anything about the requirements for the right mounting position… Where can I find these? I read somewhere that the sensor is best mounted away from walls, but I would like to mount it to 1 rather long wall where the (dirty) wind is blown at mostly… Is that alright?

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On the website:


Ideal place would be 1.5 to 3.5 meters above the street and well ventilated. However, this cannot be done for all people because, therefore, information such as the height above the ground and the position to the street is requested during registration.

What kind of case do you use ? The 2 duct parts ? There is an optimal way to place the SDS011 because of gravity. Check the instruction page.

The manufacturer recommends three installation orientations. See page 11 (pdf) or 9 (printed) in

Hi Pjg,
I use 2 duct parts and I follow the instruction on this website (for what is included).

Hi Nephilim,

On page 9 of the pdf I see the “Recommended installation direction”. Thank you for that.

Hello everybody,

4 questions:

  1. The ventilator of the sensor should face downwards? I want to do it correct.
  2. Why should it face downwards?
  3. The duct (pipe) openings should face to the front or downwards?
  4. Why is this not in the web instruction?

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The manufacturer recommends three positions. In one of them the board is horizontal with the fan on the bottom side. This is exactly as in the web instruction ( It even says “Mount the SDS011 with the NodeMCU facing to the top and the fan facing to the bottom.”. Note, that in the picture the fan is on the upper side but the grey tube the assembly is pushed into is also held upside down. I can only guess but I think the fan should face downwards to prevent dirt & dust to accumulate in the sensor.

Hello Nephilim,

Thanks, that is right, sorry.
But question 3: What about the housing openings: to the front or floor? To the floor is easier because of gravity, but I assume the smoke does not blow as easy into the opening compared with to the front.

You mean the outer housing, i.e., the two 90degree pipe bends? Their openings should point towards the floor to prevent rain, snow, etc. to get into the housing. Doing so the sensor will be positioned in the horizontal direction. The sensor sucks in air through the flexible tube using its fan. It does not care where the outer housing’s openings are.

Thank you. Maybe I can try both ways. To openings to the front catches more wind which could make it ideal to measure peak dust from my wood burning neighbour…