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More categories needed

This is a powerfull forum, very good editor!

Would be nice if there would be some categories instead of the big “Uncategorized”, like:

Technical issues
Sensors and other hardware
Data storage and handling
Scientific discussions

What does the community think?


Yes, this would be a good idea. The forum is still in progress, so we can decide together, what categories to add.

Here are my additional suggestions:

  • General Discussion: A catchall for all things on Sensor.Community.
  • How-To General How-To small wikis.
  • Meta: Ongoing discussion about this community forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can continue to improve it.
  • Technical Discussions: Anything relating to technical discussions goes here, like sensors, api, data formats…

I also like your scientific category.

  • Scientific: Analysis, evaluations and other scientific discussions

Let’s see what other will suggest.

Maybe add “coffee corners” for local groups. For me i would to get in touch with fellow “sniffers” in my area.