Modified source code "sensors-software-beta-sen5x" for SEN55 sensor

Hello mr. pjg,

I modified your “sensors-software-beta-sen5x” source project “Quick & Dirty” (only for SEN-55 sensor), for our SEN-55 sensor test.

SEN-55 sensor values (sensor type: SPS30 = PMx and SCD30 = TMP, HUM, NOx): “POST” to, and Madavi(

If you want to follow SEN-55 results see Node: esp8266-3506051, PMId = 79335, TH = 79336.
On “OpensenseMap” device name: SEN5X_3506051

if you want to check your modified source code, send me a email address so I can send.

if you need more information don’t hesitate to contact me.


YOu could PR in the branch on the gitHub.

I send my address in DM.