Missing temperature/humidity values on the map

Hi. I built the sensor and registered it only with SDS011. After a few days I added HTU21D. The problem is that the temperature and humidity values are displayed in the local interface (and on devices.sensor.community too) and Grafana, but not on the map. May be database issue (as I read in the forum). Thanks.

sensor-uid is esp8266-7155486

And actual data

please go to https://devices.sensor.community/ , login and change the device settings. You should find there the configured components, these need to be the same than thos configured locally on your device.

Okay, I’ve checked your device registration. There was only one component. I’ve added the HTU21D as the second component.

Hello ricki-z. Thank you for solution. Both values are visible on the map.
(I tried to add a sensor in the settings at devices.sensor.community, but there was no possibility “add sensor/component” at “Hardware Configuration”).