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Mi-Fi and data quantity


I am studying the option to use a Mi-Fi in order to set low-cost sensors in places where there is no Wi-Fi.
I was wondering :

  • if anyone could recomment a cheap 4G Wi-Fi hotspot equipment
  • if anyone could tell me which amount of data I should buy in order to send PM1, PM2.5, PM10, HR and temperature measurements every 2mn30. I have no idea bout this.

Many thanks for your support,


For thé amount of data just Look at the string which is sent. And calculate for 1 month : every 145 s a day

Why not use LoRaWAN? There is an experiment in Marmande

Hi @pjg,
I don’t feel ready for LoRaWAN but will check the Marmande initiative. This is so cool !
Do you have the link to find the router ? Is is possible to leave it plugged all the time ?
I will calculate the data amount with your technique, thanks a lot !

The data amount is more ore less this x 4 (2 sensors for Sensor.Community API + Madavi):


Content-Type: application/json  
X-Pin: 1  
X-Sensor: esp8266-12345678  


  "software_version": "your_version", 

It also exist in France (the aliexpress one should be compatible but providers also have some)

It should be able to stay on as long as the battery is not empty

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Actually if you’ve got an old iphone, it should work…

Thanks a lot ! I am using your figures to make the data calculation :slight_smile:
Regarding the router, I am rather looking for a non mobile option where I could leave it for a few months plugged to the power supply without even checking it. The iphone idea is great !

Also check the weight of the POST request itself it should also make a few bytes

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And you should disable HTTPS for such a transmission. This is generating a hugh overhead.

Hi @ricki-z , is it possible to do this in the config panel ? Thanks

Yes you can deactivate HTTPS by unchecking the approptiate boxes.

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