Maximum temperature tolerance

Hi everyone,
At the moments it’s -6° outside where I live, based on meteorological stations. The sensors however are showing only -2°. So I have two questions:

  • what’s the maximum / minimum temperature allowed for PM and RH sensors, and
  • is it okay to have them hanging on the balcony (–> will they break or freeze?)


If it’s a SDS011 operating range is -10 to +50℃

DHT11 0 to 50°C and 20% to 90% humidity,
DHT22 -40 to 80°C and 0% to 100% humidity.
BME280 -40 to 85°C and 0 to 100% humidity.

They should not freeze as the storage temperature far exceeds these vales but their readings may become unreliable.

There are LDO voltage regulators on most boards that generate a small amount of heat, that could be what you are seeing.

Hope this helps…

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Excellent, thank you very much!
In that case I don’t need to worry… :slight_smile: