Light and UV sensor

Is it possible to add functionality of measurement of light and/or UV inside of this project?
I know from previous topics that options for free gpio are limited, but as long this is external mainly sensor, maybe those 2 values might be measured. There is still pin D0, D7 and D8, where those sensor might be connected. They are cheap and useful I would say.

What is the purpose of measuring light ?
I am not sure you can attribute further Serial connection on the ESP8266. Feel free to send me some sensors or to make a PR in our GitHub.

There might be lot of purpose to measure light level, so do UV. Just an example in home automation you might use it to open/close window cover for sun rise/set or half close to reduce amount of to strong light in room, where you are working, watching TV or playing on console. There are many purposes, matter of needs and imagination.
Sorry, but I don’t understand another time when you are writing about sending you some sensors… Man, we are talking about sensors which has price like 1-3€, beer in bar costs more than those sensors on aliexpress.

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Yes but we are a project for outdoor environmental data.
It is a joke. But I decided not to blind program anymore. It made me lost my hair a lot. I need to have the sensor on my desk to program a firmware for it. So if someone send me a sensor, I will maybe write the code for it :slight_smile:

@pjg. At least an UV-sensor is environmental data and even daylight is, if you messure its intensity. And I would understand @fifrak 's suggestion as the usual way of supporting an open source project with own thoughts. No need to get sarcastic, I think.