Lifespan of SDS11

I noticed my station disappeared from the map
My sensor is still working fine but somehow not showing up on map
Wondering if data is still received
My id number is 10805
Also the date on SDS 011 on the status page is 17-08-21
Is this the eol date?
If the sensor is eol can I replace it and reregister with the same Nodemcu?

Every few months my SDS need a power cycle to function properly. Rebooting the “sensor” (ESP) is not enough - I need to dis- & reconnect to make it work again.

Use some Kontakt 60 liquid on the pin. It is probably oxidation.

I will reboot my SDS works fine but my data is not showing on the map
My question is how can I figure out if data is send and received properly

Use this link with the Board ID (not the Sensor ID):[ID]

Checked the url and yes everything works fine

Thanks a lot for your support