Konfiguration Feinstaubsensor

Im trying to install a Fine Dust sensor. the website shown in the Instructions (Sensor Community) is not available anymore. Does someone have another Website that works? I need this for a school project.


Did you provide the mcu with the correct home (or school) wifi credentials ?

@jtcgn The mentioned “website” are the sensor internal pages, especially for the local device configuration. So there is no other website. The IP address is only reachable if your computer or smartphone is directly connected to the sensor hotspot / accesspoint. And its only active for around 10 minutes. After that time you need to restart the device if you didn’t finish the configuration.
If the device is connected to your wifi network then you need to lookup the IP address given to the device i.e. on your wifi router or DHCP server.

Please read the whole instructions attentively.
In my own experience it is always difficult to connect a SC sensor to a public WiFi Network like the ones used in schools. Can you get some help ?

How do I connect it to the WiFi?

What part of the instructions is unclear? Your question is far too global! in a Browser and then you type your credentials. Please refer to the instructions on SC website