Is there a public URL for my sensor?

When being logged in, my sensor has this URL:

(The sensor itself has ID 75461)

When accessing the URL without being logged in, it redirects me to the login page.

I want to send a deep link to my sensor data to other people without them having to log in first.

The closest I came across was the map itself: Map Sensor.Community but unfortunately my sensor has to be manually clicked.

My question

Is there a way to have a public unique URL of my sensor data here on


But the 43469 does not return anything. Same with:

Are you sure it is the right number ?

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should work (75461 was mentioned in the original post as the sensor ID)


If you register your sensor also on russian service - you may access it by link like It’s not easy to do: the server is located in Russia so the site is on Russian and registration goes with Telegram messenger, but it made by good guys and it have some good features