Is it possible to embed map in a html page?

The map can be embedded with the following HTML code:

<iframe scrolling=“no” src=“” style=“width:97%;height:95%;margin:auto” title=“ particulate matter map”></iframe>

You can change the zoom level and the center of the map by changing the part “/#2/28.3/-1.1” (zoom level / lat / long).
More information is available on the GitHub page

But be careful, this shouldn’t be included in high traffic pages. We are a voluntary project and pay for all servers with our money. So, we have only limited capacities.

If you want to help with the development of the map. The source code and install instructions can be found on GitHub

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An old Post,… I know.

But question - how could I embed the frame starting with PM10 sensor?

In GitHub can read:

combine parameters

first start with sensor, then layers and finally location


valid sensor parameters PM25, PM10, Pressure, Noise, Humidity & AQIus

But it seems not to work for PM10 for - right?

PM 10 is visible on the map.
Map Sensor.Community

@ohheyitsdave @ricki-z Does this function work with the actual map ?

I mean by default - so that I can see the status for PM10 values without additional selection.

By default will be shown PM2.5

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