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Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself, who are you, what do you do, what do you want to do? Open ended, just say hi!

Hey folks,

I’m Lukas Mocek and in charge of International Community & Partnership Development @SensorCommunity

We’re really happy having you here and welcome you to Sensor.Community

My responsibility is to welcome you to this amazing community of contributors form all around the world, to understand your needs and to connect you with each other. We’re all Jedi’s as we care about solving this pressing global challenges as the climate crisis by improved collaboration and mutual achievements. We’re the core team @SensorCommunity and our role is to provide you with the infrastructure so you can kick off activities on a local level faster with all the benefits by having all our lessons learned from day one. Feel welcome and see your team among many other in a global community that is happy to help you. We take care of the various references and links between the local groups and fast track you to be successful in creating a long lasting and sustainable local community that is interconnected with the other Jedi’s as well as the teams. We have a good time together as we’re all part of the solutions. You can find them on our Marketplace.

We’re different in many ways as we have a protocol that doesn’t change that much but adopts to what happens in the world. We think we do good things on scale and we work on doing even more in the future. Become one of us and join global platforms and campaigns that are linked on the main website:

We’re improving highlighting the gates that you can choose on where and how to contribute to the global platform.

I’m looking forward to any messages flying my way - always happy to help.


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Hey Lukas,

Ik ben nieuw op 't forum maar ben wel bekend met de ESP8266 en de ESP32. De fijnstofmeter van heb ik al een paar jaren in gebruik. Ik heb die nu veranderd met de BME280 sensor in plaats van de DHT22.
Groetjes, Jacques

Hi All,

My name is Robert, out of The Netherlands (Leiden) and keeping a PM sensor alive for over a year and using it to educate & demonstrate to my fellow citizens to stop using their fireplaces as they pollute enormously. With some success but mostly not. However, in my hometown there are only 2 other sensors so little to say about the general (local) PM pollution.

Currently trying to build a noise sensor but lacking a detailed bill of material to complete it.

Professionally, I work for a major Opensource software company.


Hi everyone,

My name is Pierre-Jean. For Sensor.Community I usually program some bad codes for vizualisations (feel free to fork my repos) and I take care of the French speaking areas.

I think I am quite experienced about everything which can go bad with the sensors when you mount it. I will regularly check what happen on that side and help you to finish the station and connect it to our network.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and supporting you.

Best regards,


I am Zulfiqar Ahmed from Pakistan. We are an IoT device manufacturer. I have a background in software development but these days I am busy juggling with a team of hardware and software.


hi :slight_smile:

I’m Alex, mobile developer.
I created app for android: Air Quality and Pollution: Luftdaten

It shows air pollution data on the map

Would be nice to rename all links to

BTW there is similar FOSS application you might be interested:

I think luftdaten is more rememberable name and when I search in google it shows me more relevant answers…

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Hi, my name is Jelmer, living in The Netherlands near the city Zwolle. I started with the sensors and the measurements to see what fireplaces in my neighborhood with the air (with is bad).

I hope, with the sharing of data, we can make more awareness about the air and the quality of it.