Intégration TTN

I am trying to send data from LoRaWAN TTN to madavi and SC. I can do it in Helium.

Can Someone send me an example with Screenshots in TTN.

I don t understand how you do normal POST with the webhooks. Or must I Redirect?

Hi, I created a Java application to forward data from TTN to
The Java application subscribes to the TTN MQTT stream, then transforms the data into a JSON message and sends it with the right headers to

So this is Java, I have not tried to create an ‘HTTP integration’ in TheThingsNetwork console.
Maybe that’s possible too. I wrote my Java application before the ‘new’ v3 version of TheThingsNetwork existed.

My application can be found at

You can configure it to recognise certain fields in the decoded JSON payload as certain measurement items. For example, if you configure “/pm10” as the “PM10”, it will recognise it (and forward it as “P1” towards

I have a plan to make it easy to run this in a docker container, still not got to that point.