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Instruction for declaration of an ESP32 in the DB

I can’t find the page anymore… in the meta wiki. Can someone post the link ?
It is a page which explain which ID should be set up for a custom sensor using an ESP32 with or without Lorawan.
Then how do you set up this kind of sensors in

At there is a “board type” ‘esp32’.
The ID should be the MAC of the wifi interface in pure hex (no ‘-’ or ‘:’). The MAC should avoid ID collisions if Espressif is using more than 1 manufacturer MAC part.
Important is that the device is sending this ID as ‘X-sensor’ HTTP header.

You mean HEX with possibly letters among numbers ? I will check what the getfuseMAC() instruction send.
I see:
Capture d’écran 2021-06-29 à 07.46.05
The sensors will send thought Helium which is a LoRaWAN system like TTN.
I should be able to send normal http POST from it tough. Should we create a new categorie or should I use esp32 ?

Can I also have some empty exemples of the way the json must look like officially (or i will rebuilt from code).
is it this:

    "sensor": null,
    "sampling_rate": null,
    "timestamp": null,
    "sensordatavalues": [],
    "software_version": ""

For madavi here: GitHub - opendata-stuttgart/madavi-api: api for rrdtool graphics per sensors + graphics from

Please use the esp32 ‘board’. The letters in the hex part should be all lower case.
We may have ESP32 devices in the future, that may be able to send either via wifi or via LoRaWAN, but both ways should use the same ID. So using the MAC address of the ESP32 should be the best way.
At APIs · opendata-stuttgart/meta Wiki · GitHub you can find an example of a POST request. You only need to send the sensordatavalues array and the software_version.

Thanks @ricki-z.
I have now everything I need!