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IKEA Vindriktning - air quality sensor

Hi all,
do know IKEA Vindriktning? It is a air quality sensor with - I think nice - features which could be interesting:
It has a built in Cubic PM1006 which measures PM2.5 and some variants also PM1 and PM10.

You can buy this complete Sensor for about EUR10, so cheaper than sds011. it also uses 9600N81 4,5V signal for communication AND has serial Pads for soldering also for simple connection :slight_smile:
There are some projects, where this sensor is connected to ESP8266 (For example heise+ has one online)

So the question und suggestion would be:
How can this sensor used for your project. …
I am willing to solder, but cannot program your system or adapt it for this.

This sensor needs an externally generated air flow as there is no internal fan or something.
This is okay for us cases like (mentioned in the data sheet):

  • Household air purifier
  • Automobile air purifier
  • Residential and commercial air conditioning
  • HVAC system

The air flow needed could also be created by a heat source, i.e. electronic parts. But for this we would need to design a new case, that needs to be weatherproof and directs the airflow through the sensor.
Otherwise the sensor would measure the same air all the time.