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IFTTT Integration

I would suggest an integration to IFTTT.
IFTTT could poll the data regularly and Users can create trigger events. For example send a mail when a certain temperature , radiation level oder similar is reached. Close the automatic Windows when air quality is bad and much more.

The main problem is the whole project is open source. That is our philosophy.
IFTTT is not.

As the project was still named Luftdaten, we had an app which does what you request:

If you just want something for yourself, it should not be that complicated to programm something thanks to our free API.

Ok I understand this limitation about open source. Sad anyway, because it would allow cool integrations with little effort. Maybe it’s time to update the app to represent the current version.

I will try to update the app.

For IFTTT, it should be possible to integrate it directly because you can programm applet with API call but I would need a pro account… which costs monney…

Ok App Update would be awesome, regarding ifttt I have a pro account. I will check the api and see if I can make something work.

According to this page : Building with filter code – IFTTT Help Center and this page Creating your own Applet – IFTTT Help Center, it should be straight forward:

You call this URL every 5 minutes for example:{ID of the map}/

Then you read the json:
[{"sensordatavalues":[{"value_type":"P1","value":"5.15","id":8813990475},{"value_type":"P2","value":"4.05","id":8813990482}],"timestamp":"2021-02-28 18:39:55","sampling_rate":null,"sensor":{"pin":"1","sensor_type":{"name":"SDS011","manufacturer":"Nova Fitness","id":14},"id":2492},"location":{"indoor":0,"exact_location":0,"altitude":"196.0","latitude":"49.238","longitude":"6.998","country":"DE","id":18730},"id":4055732602},{"sensordatavalues":[{"value_type":"P1","value":"7.63","id":8813932889},{"value_type":"P2","value":"3.10","id":8813932891}],"timestamp":"2021-02-28 18:37:27","sampling_rate":null,"sensor":{"pin":"1","sensor_type":{"name":"SDS011","manufacturer":"Nova Fitness","id":14},"id":2492},"location":{"indoor":0,"exact_location":0,"altitude":"196.0","latitude":"49.238","longitude":"6.998","country":"DE","id":18730},"id":4055706489}]

“value_type”:“P1”,“value”:“7.63” = PM10
“value_type”:“P2”,“value”:“3.10” = PM2.5

And then if > your limit, you send a mail.

For most sensors it won’t be possible for IFTTT to access the sensor as it’s in an internal private network. So the solution using our API endpoint should be the one to use.
But please try to limit the requests to as little as possible.

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