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I have created openapi/swagger documentation of API

I’m new to I want to send my data to the sensor community, but I don’t want to use the original firmware, so I have decided to send data via API.

I have read the official documentation about the API, I’ve checked some posts on the forum about using the API, and after some experiments I think that I understand the basic concepts of this API. To understand it better I have written an openapi/swagger documentation for this API.

There are a lot of things in my documentation that can be improved, but I still like what I have created. Maybe it can be useful for somebody.

Here is the link to openapi/swagger API —

The source code of it is available at GitHub - bessarabov/ Unofficial documentation for API

Yes, this was very helpful. Thank you. I actually think structured documentation is really a missing link for how to setup.

I am making my own software for the Raspberry Pi and had kind of invent the wheel.
You doc is helpful. However the forum itself also has an issue because I almost could not find your topic back to give this reply.

If I find additional info I will post it here in reply for you to structure it.

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