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I can't start the station based on HTU21D sensor

I try to start station with HTU21D humidity/temperature sensor. SDS011 sends measured data, but I can’t recieve data from HTU21D. I bought wiring scheme here [sensors-software/ at master · opendata-stuttgart/sensors-software · GitHub](https://Wiring HTU21D) (GPIO0 ana GPIO2 for SCL and SDA). The version of firmware is NRZ-2020-133/EN. I checked wether the sensor itself is working on another arduino-project of weather station and confirm that it’s true. I want to know what can I do for normal working of this device. In addition, here are the photos of wiring NdeMCU and HTU21D.

Hi Andrey, did you configure the firmware of the ESP to use the HTU21D? You can as well change the debug level in the software and see, if there is information about any problems.