Https:// displays error

The WordPress installation on displays an error:

Es gab einen kritischen Fehler auf deiner Website.

[Erfahre mehr über die Problembehandlung in WordPress.](

I used to visit this site for the old DHT22-based setups.

The good thing is, that the guide is still available via Github i.e. Zusammenbau der Komponenten (Montage Einzelteile) · opendata-stuttgart/meta Wiki · GitHub

Still, perhaps the admins could have a look?


The luftdaten Site died in January 2020!
And the DHT is really a bad sensor.

So perhaps it would make sense to

  1. Redirect to (perhaps to a page explaining the change in naming?)
  2. Place a more prominent remark w.r.t. DHT* onto the website?

For me, as a layman w.r.t. electrical engineering, it is quite time consuming to gather such information.
Perhaps there are more people like me out there?