Https:// is 'forbidden'

Hello, I was pulling archived sensor data via a GitHub action, and notice that for three days now, the script falls over due to a change in the server settings so now urls starting with such as are now no longer available.

Are the archived files now in some other location?



@scharlau I noticed this too and was about to post it here. I also get the same when I visiting
Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 12.18.34

I’m really interested in how you’ve been using GitHub Actions to pull the sensor data if you’re willing to share?

@thespartan I took a script that someone else had done at one of our hack events and turned it into this repo GitHub - scharlau/Air_Aberdeen_Back_End: A prototype back end for Air Aberdeen at some point, the goal is to then set up localised maps using GitHub pages.

When the GitHub action fails I get an email, which alerted me to the ‘forbidden’ problem.

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Looks like the rest of the website is starting to fall apart too… I was using the API at to scrape recent data, but thats given up now too…
Even has an error on the maps website when you attempt to view a trend graph for a station.

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Patience est mère de sureté.
Rajko works currently on the issue.

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@pjg thanks for the update.