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How to update ESP8266 Chip ID after replacing NodeMCU / Wemos?

Is there official procedure after replacing faulty ESP8266 for new one? New board of course has a new Chip ID and I would like to have continuous history of measurement for given location.

I’ve heard that I need to write an email to @ricki-z - is that true?

Maybe it make sense to delete the old station and add a new one instead but with the same address?

In that way it would be no history data associated to this location. I would like to avoid that.

Send me a mail with the old and the new chipID (tech (at) or rajko (at)

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Does it worth automating in
Or just make it simple: add information with instructions how to do it on the page?

That would be perfect. In locations with very poor wifi we swap NodeMCU V3 for Wemos D1 mini Pro with external antenna. Works like a charm :slight_smile: But every swap means loosing measurement history associated with location. Since SDS011 and BME280 are exactly the same units, I see no problem with updating esp8266 id.