How to see my sensor with madavi

As I am a totally newbie on sensors I have found a lot of information on the forum.
Really great place helping me digging into sensor etc.
I can see my sensors on the map! (PMS5003 & BME280)

When use the madavi script I see the results of my sensor ‘86648’ (PMS5003).
In madavi my sensor ‘86649’ (BME280) is missing.
For those sensors I use a raspberry pi with the Pimoroni Enviro+ hat.


Which script are you using for transmitting the data to the madavi api?

Generally you should find the sensor using the device serial (for NodeMCU it is the chip id), for raspi most scripts are transmitting the serial to the API. But it depends on the script you use.

Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 19-19-58 PM sensors - Dashboards - Grafana

I can find my sensor 86648, sending the PM data (2.5 and 10)
The sensor 86649 sending the temp, pressure etc doesn’t show up.

I use the script from Pimaroni. *I cannot mention the name of the file as the site does not allow me to do so…) lu…

I think I have to make deep dive into the code…

I just discoverd that the info is available in one of the screens. I need to have a closer look at how to use the maldavi grafana screens. :thinking::hot_face:

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I think it is a configuration issue in
Please check that the used/configured sensors are the same in the device and in