How to register a station for non-public data collection?

Hi, I have been using a kit with an SDS011, a humidity and temperature sensor as part of the network for 4 years now. The sensor is still going strong, but the admins of the airbg community have sent me a new kit, since the guaranteed lifetime of the SDS011 sensor is over. Nevertheless, I still want to use the old kit somehow, but without sending the data into the public archive, since its quality is no longer ensured.

So, can you tell me if there is a way to register the old sensor kit and collect data with it, as done by the sensor community, but making the data only visible to me and not to other people?


You can disable sending data to & madavi via the WebUi (if you use the NodeMcu flashed with the software - otherwise you can flash the software), but you have to send the data to a local api or influx db.

Or you send it just to the madavi api (that should work as well), if you don’t want to have it on the maps.


Thanks for the quick answer, @v6tunnler ! Are there any instructions/manuals on how to do this, I am not aware of how to implement this technical things. I was able to set-up my station only because there was a step-by-step walk-through. thanks again!

You have to access the WebUi of your sensor, then you can set the configurations. The WebUi is accessible via your local network, using the ip (or you check which devices are connected to your WiFi to find the ip).

See also

But you will need help to set up a server if you have never done it.

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Thanks @pjg and @v6tunnler ! I found a manual how to set up my sensor kit and to do the registration so that data is being send only to, as suggested by you two. Another work-around that I heard of is to mark the sensor-kit as “indoor”, instead of “outdoor” (I don’t want my data to be included in some kind of citizen-science statistic, so this solution would suit me, too). But I don’t see how and where I should do this. Is this somewhere in the configuration menu, shown in the screenshot by @pjg ? Thanks for any info on where to find this, a screenshot would be great :slight_smile:

Indoor / Outdoor is in devices.Sensor.Community, the Website.
But it still be in the API in this case.
You should deactivate in the config Interface

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Thank you very much, pjg and v6tunnler! I’ve set up my sensor kit not successfully up, so that it sends data only to, without the data being public, as I wished :slight_smile:

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