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How to connect Nettigo AirRohr with Air Matters app

Hi, to all, how can I set up the Air Matters android app to see my sensor from Sensor.Community.
The sensor is working and I can see it on the global map…

This is here the forum for the Sensor.Community project.
Have you tried to post on the forum of the Air Matter app and to ask them why the don’t integrate Sensor.Community directly by default ? It would be easy because everything is open source by us…
If you send me some screen shot of the “add sensor” option, I can maybe help you.

Thanks for answer.
Air Matters app have integrated Sensor.Community
I will try to make small video…

This my sensor:
Sensor id: 13542460
Firmware version: NRZ-2020-133/EN (Nov 29 2020)


It works at once with the ID of the map not the chipID.

2492 for me.

Click your hexagon on the map. I can t See it on my phone…

When I add Sensor ID NR. 68148 data is wrong… it’s from another sensor, not from mine…

You can get the ID shown on the map at Click on “Data”, the sensor ID is the ID of the PM sensor you are looking for.

Map shoving this:

Air Matters This:

This app is showing AQI, not PM values in µg/m3. And it’s normally calulated for the average over a longer time span (1h, 24h).
And we don’t know how the app is calculating this value. It looks like the index is calculated for an indoor location. The indoor air quality limits are much higher than those for outdoor locations. So the AQI is much lower for the indoor locations with the same PM values.
SO you should get in contact with the app developers to ask them how they calculate the AQI values shown in the app.

Hi Ricki-z,
as you can see in video above, Air Matters app won’t add my sensor in the app…
if i add it with sensor number from map (68148) readings are wrong…

I have contacted Air Matters developer…