How precise needs the GEO position for sensors needs to be?

Hi Sensor Community,

I would like to understand this statement about the sensor positioning:

  • your address: Street with house number, postcode and city. Click on “Lookup entered address” to get the location coordinates (will be rounded off). Check the position of the pin, change it if needed
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How precise is this rounding?
Or differently phrased: How precise needs the positioning be to be useful for the data?

I am thinking about setting up a few sensors and some locations would require it to be 100-200m away from its real position.
Would that be a problem?

Best regrads, Andreas

The round off is in my case about 150m. Exact locations are not disclosed on the online map. At registration you can also choose a location on the map in conjunction with the adress.

Hi Jan,
thanks for the reply.
150m would be okay for my cases. Within a city context it would not allow much ways to identify the location or the operator. That is what I prefer.

Out of curiosity: How does the system find out that those sensors, that claim to be somehwere but are in reality really somewhere far away from the claimed position, can be considered for the analysis?

Best, Andreas

There are not really somewhere else. The geocoordinates are rounded after a few digits. So it produces a radius of a few 100 meters.

Hi Andreas,

If I recall corectly, the database has the exact location, but when it is published on the map an offset is applied. The offset is always the same in distance and direction. Considering the nature of particulate matter pollution i don’t think a “meter-precision” is required. Pinpointing a certain level of pollution to a certain source is not easy.



It is only a rounding of the digits.