How often should I send data to

I would like to send data to myself. I’ve read documentation EN APIs · opendata-stuttgart/meta Wiki · GitHub and I have found how to do it — I need to make POST request to (with correct headers and body) I’ve tried it and it works fine — I can send data and I see that data.

My question is how often should I send data? Every 15 minutes, every 5 minute, every 1 minute, or something else? What are the recommendations?

The other thing that I can’t find the answer in the documentation is how often can I access I wan to send PM2.5, PM10 from SDS011 and temp/humidity/pressure from BME280. To do it I need to make 2 requests to Can I do them at the same time, or I need to make a pause between requests (how much should I wait?)

The time span is 145s
Unfortunately I cant help you further because I am not on my own computer until the 1st of September.
The API page is pretty self explanatory though. With the V1 you can get all the data of one very sensor.

145 seconds is the default interval for our firmware (plus some seconds for data transmission).
If you want your device shown on our map then the interval should not exceed 5 minutes. On the map we only show sensors that have sent data in the last 5 minutes.
And you should not send more than once per minute. With nearly 15.000 devices a shorter interval (if configured on many of these devices) would result in a much higher load on our servers.

Thank you for your answers

Hi I have analogous question, why is each sensor handled separately? => for SDS011 and BME280 it is 2x request. Could the json be merged into one POST? Thank you!

Hi @MichaelLazan, we need to modify our API for this. The code is written in Django and can be found in our Github repo. So if you know someone who can implement this, any help is welcome.

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