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How does the community use the PM2.5 data that is recorded at humidities above 70%?

Coming back to the recent topics of the utility of the SDS011 data above 70% humidity plus the possibility of the BME280 sensors saturating and inaccurately reporting the humidity value. I was wondering how the community handles the data that is recorded at above 70% humidity? Is there a recommended algorithm and, if so, is this used?

As we have already explained, there is no data correction for humidity. The data produced by the SDS are sent the same under and above 70%. A few algorithms exist (in the litteratur), feel free to make a pull request with a correction in our Github repo sensor-software and of course document well the kind of correction you implemented. We will then check how it works and maybe merge it.

Thank you.
I guess I was wondering if anyone had already done this. Has anyone manipulated the higher humidity data for their own purposes or their own local website. Just wondered if there was a best practice that already existed.

Most of the algorithm which were developped for now by scientists were not stisfactory I think. But the FAIREMODE Group CT6 of the JRC of the EU Comission works currently on something. They can use data of sensor installed in a radius f 250 m around an official station.
It is the reason why we did such a map for people to place sensors next to the official stations in their city.:

Ahh, thank you! Interesting and useful information.

Merci pour cette carte, qui me confirme que, concernant les stations “officielles”, je suis dans le désert…
Thank you for this map, which confirms that, as far as the “official” stations are concerned, I am in the desert…