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How does SI4432 realize frequency hopping?

Recently I have made SI4463 by myself.
At first, the experiment was carried out in the laboratory. The short communication distance didn’t happen. Now I test it outdoors, but my board is too close. It’s the limit to be able to pass through 4 walls on the same floor. . In order to verify whether it was due to software or hardware, I changed someone else’s board and flashed it into my own program, and used a lot of improvements to increase the communication distance. But compared to the product under the same hardware environment (the one I flashed the program), it is far from enough, which proves that there is still a problem with the software configuration. I don’t understand that I want to change the frequency hopping channel by myself? If yes, when will it be changed? As to this Op Amp, how can the receiver demodulate the data synchronously after changing it?
Hope to have the guidance of experienced predecessors in this regard!

The mentioned module/chip is for LoRaWAN. At the moment our devices don’t support LoRaWAN and if we would implement it then we would use standard libraries and configurations. We can’t give support for other hardware than those we would have tested.
So I don’t think that you would get help here for your problem.