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HM3301 data not being processed

[Edit, realized this was in the FAQ and it is not an FAQ]

Hello everyone,

I have been through the sensor setup, and registered the device.

I am using a Raspberry Pi4 with a BMP280 and a HM3301.

Right now the temp / humidity and pressure are working like a champ and publishing online and on the map. My HM3301 data is showing up under the device data but not showing up on the map.

I am using Node Red to grab all the data and push it to the API, I am just lost as to what is happening between data received at and putting the data on the map. Thoughts or ideas?

particulate matter sensor HM3301

Sensor ID: 62106 (show on map)
Last updated: 13.05.2021, 21:21:14
Fine dust 10 µm: 3 µg/m³
Fine dust 2.5 µm: 3 µg/m³

temperature/pressure sensor BMP280

Sensor ID: 62107 (show on map)
Last updated: 13.05.2021, 21:20:14
Temperature: 24.99975 °C
Humidity: 39 % RH
Pressure at sea level: 1011.77 hPa

So far I have figured out if I spoof the data and tell the system it is NOT an HM3301 sensor my data appears on the map.

Any ideas on why the HM3301 data will not appear but the same data mislabeled as another brand of sensor will appear?