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Hi & query about potential other sensor types

First post…
A couple of months ago I built two airrohr units and they’ve been tootling along fine here in Bristol since (one at home, one at my workshop).
What I’m curious about is whether there are other types of sensor possibilities - in particular other air quality factors such as NOx. I’ve probably got plenty of further reading up to do + am interested to see there’s the Noise monitor one too which might be useful for my street where we’re trying to investigate noise & air pollution from local idling trains.
Any ideas or pointers gratefully received!
By way of introduction, I work in analogue audio electronics - haven’t really done anything micro based (at least not programming from scratch) for 15-20 yrs (already!).
Cheers, Tom

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Thanks for your message.
Concerning the other types of sensors, we have still not found for ex. some gaz sensors which could be used efficiently according to their datasheets (T° of use, spread of the values…etc.). We had a one shot project for NO2 with diffusion tubes: To be continued…
The noise sensor works perfectly even if it is a bit more complicated and expensive to build. Their is also a parallel project for radiation:
If you want to participate in our weekly call (Wednesday 20:00 CET)…

Cool - thanks for your reply.
Yes, it seems that NOx is slightly hard for various reasons - I’ve seen a few so far, but haven’t yet got my head around what parameters are important. That is fantastic that your community have focused on a few cities to get decent spread around them - I’d love to get Bristol involved if the project continues.
I came across the interesting Airly project, though it isn’t DIY or particularly cheap (maybe viable for community). Clearly something quite pro like this is antithesis of your open community approach, though the calibrated/processed nature of the data certainly would have advantages.
I saw a few sensors like the Ampenol MICS ones, like MICS-6814, for which there are project boards made. Something for me to dig into more… but maybe people have already examined and discarded it?
I would hope to join discussions/weekly-call sometime – time/parenting allowing :wink:

As Polish citizen I would say that Airly (from Kraków, Poland) made a huge impact on air pollution awareness in Poland. However their decision to not share the data with most popular Polish air quality app - Kanarek App was very controversial. From my point of view theirs number 1 priority is money and worldwide expansion for more money. Airly recently got a huuuuuuuuuuge funding. So they will be everywhere soon.

Airly business models is way different that Sensor.Community approach. Sensors cost about 1600 PLN (≈350€). They comes with monthly fee. Sensors itself use Plantower PMS5003 with AM2302 (DHT22). They have a cleaver machine learning algorithms for weather forecasting in given location where sensor is deployed.

Don’t get me wrong. I have love~hate relationship with Airly. They do a great job, but they could really share a bit more data with community - especially when their funding comes strait from public institutions. I pay in my taxes for Airly sensors. And yet the data is available only via theirs website.

Thanks for that response - as someone newly learning in these areas, that is interesting & understandably conflicting.

Interestingly they say they heat the air entering the PM sensor.
Is this necessary to get accurate results?

There is an interesting thread on this topic: click

They don’t use heater in their most popular design.

So heater not needed?

Is the Plantower PMS5003 a better device than the Nova SDS011?

Do you get many issues with bugs and spiders?

Hi, this is very interesting. I would like to add a radiation sensor to my airrohr. Where can I find further information on this topic?
Many thanks in advance,

The map:
The data is sent to the DB of Sensor.Community but there is currently no visualization for radioactivity on the main map.

To build: