Help with NodeMCU needed

I’m not very experienced using these sensors. For a while, all was well but my NodeMCU v3 seems to have stopped working. I’ve tried connecting to it using the airrohr flasher but it can’t find it. There’s also no lights coming on when I plug it into my computer via USB. Can someone talk me through checking it still works in a simple way? Thanks!

There is no light at all ?
Do the processor become warm ?

I think It is dead…. Does it happen suddenly or after a bad connection etc. ?

Try different cable or powersource…
If that doesn’t help i also think its dead.

I don’t know how it happened. I’ve checked the processor and it doesn’t get warm. I’ll get a new one. Do you know how long they are supposed to last?

I was using a brand new cable that I got with another sensor that you download data from, so it’s probably just dead.