Hello, new user buying advices

I am I’m new here, and I need some advice on buying a good series of sensors to connect via cable, I don’t have Wi-Fi, maybe to connect with some raspberry or similiar. I’ve been reading around for several years but I’ve never been convinced of this technology. Unfortunately, after ten years of “someone” burning at night near my house, forced to not be able to sleep, and having eyes, nose, mouth, etc. that burn for days, I need some fact that proves my present state, before burning them.

Sorry for my bad English! Hoping you understand!

I use the Enviro+ with the additional particulate sensor on the Raspberry Pi which works well and detects high particulates in the air when someone across the road from me starts burnging stuff. It can detect certain gasses too (look at the gas datasheet in the link) so maybe that will also help to determine how bad it is to health.