Hello and use of Sensor Kit

Hi all,
Could the sensor kit you sell be used on a pedal bike journey?

I’m looking for a sensor to monitor pollution along my regular cycle ride commute.

With thanks.

Hello and welcome to the community.

First of all let me clear a misunderstanding. Nobody is selling a sensor kit. The community publishes a firmware supporting certain hardware, provides the framework for data uploading and presentation, some instructions are provided for building a reference implementation, while there are a couple of links to retailers that provide ready to assemble kits.

Now about your use case, I would say that the hardware can be used in such way, but as this is outside the scope of the project you would probably need another service to upload your data to, especially as the presentation of the data collected does not fit your use case.

For your reference, have a look at this project.

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The sensor is supposed to be on a fix position.
The firmware is adaptable but our Database can’t get changing GPS locations.
Anyway there are several possibilities:

  • record the data on a SD card and then upload the data to a site of yours. A very old project of mine:
    Ein Feinstaubsensor mit GPS Logger – Pierre-Jean Guéno
  • use a LoRaWAN board with a GPS which sends data to TTN and then a webhook to a website: but the whole commute has to be covered by LoRaWAN
  • use a NB-IoT board with a GPS and send the data to a website. NB-IoT is actually using a more or less normal SIM card.
  • use a BLE board which transmits to your smartphone.

There are solutions which you can buy but “it’s more fun to compute” :slight_smile:

The start up Aircarto in Marseille will maybe soon offer a mobile sensor.

Maybe I should build a company :slight_smile:

Hi and thanks. Yes, I understand. I’m very pleased that communities are presenting air quality information. There’s even a few near me using this site I see. Good news is the Aircasting app is available to me, so that is a start.

Thank you for the alternatives. I must do something. There are government air monitoring stations around but not anywhere near my commute. I will keep your options in mind.

The sensor with NB-IoT should start soon. I’ll keep you advised.

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Hi pjg

I am also very interested in the NB-IoT sensor

Contact me in DM and we will continue per Email.
I should start soon for NbIot. I have already succed to install a few example from the sparkfun website and to send a few SMS, even to France.