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Heat issues esp8266?

Hi gents,

I do have a an Airrohr with the following setup:

DNMS 1.4 (teensy board)

As it is getting really hot these days, my setup gives up during the afternoon and when touching the 8266 it seems quite warm (hot?).
Do you guys have your airrohrs fully in the shadow?
Any hints welcome :grin:

Have a nice evening and bests,


I also had a heat problem during the afternoon when the sun was shining directly at the sensor housing. If you donโ€™t have shade, you can make it yourself :slight_smile: I used a 1.5mm Aluminum sheet for it. But I donโ€™t use the plastic pipe, I have a small square cabinet where this is easier to implement.

You could also try to wrap the tube with a rescue blanket. As both ends of the tube show down, convection is affected. If you mount the tube more vertical, the hot air has a chance to escape at the upper end.

For extreme conditions (deserts), a double walled vertical pipe is the optimum, where the air between the pipes is drawn out by convection.

Good luck!

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Interesting as I was thinking of making a similar shade bit also to protect the box from heavy rain. Do you have a foto ?