Heat issues and high PU values

hello everyone,

I built an Airrohr according to the instructions on the Website.
The setup is as follwing:


The Sensor SDS011 is sending data when it is turned on, but the values are completly off (750 - 900 μg).
I also recognized that the ESP gets really hot which seems wrong.
With little to no prior experience I am not sure how to proceed.
Help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Have a nice evening,

On the configuration site ( go to the settings and there look if there is a multiplier in the setting. For example 250%. This multiplies the values with factor 2.5…
Tell if you need help…

I can only find correction for DNMS sensor. Also is this the solution to get lower values or to get the right values?

The heat is not normal. Did you triple check the connections ?

There is no correction for the SDS011. Can you find a local community next to your home. Look at the map => the option to show the pins for the communties contact has to be reactivated.