Has Europe’s got cleaner?

We have been running PM 2.5 sensors for some time now. Over recent months I see that most of the PM2.5 sensors are reading low over the majority of Europe. Has Europe’s air got cleaner? Or has the Sensor Community changed anything?
At the moment my annual average for PM 2.5 is half that of last year. This is pleasing but as my local council hasn’t changed anything I am a bit surprised.

We haven’t change anything.
Europe has got cleaner for PM but not for O3.
With the current temperatures no inversion phenomenon so the PM are regularly washed away I think.

Thank you. It is good to know that the air is cleaner for PM2.5 …well for now anyway. Curiously, our local PM10 values (measured by a TEOM) have not changed. Perhaps this is because it is measuring particles closer to the source.