Hardware "ready to use" for sensor community

Hello everyone, i am looking for a “redy to use” hardware,
i see a lot of hardware with air sensor on web, but you can suggest me where,
or which hardware i can buy for send data to community?
i watch ALLNET MSR ALL4472, it seems a good product, but i don’t know if compatible

Thank you.

SC provide the instructions to build a fully reliable sensor. Please read the website and build according to the instructions. There are some local communities next to your home they can help you.

I don t know the sensor you mentionned and it is not in the firmware.

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This is a community of “makers”. Ready made is not in our DNA. The closest you can get imho is:


What should one buy something which is not built for 5 times the price…

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Try to contact Gabriel here:

He is building sensors for a project in Paris et can maybe sell you some

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Thank you everyone! I need free time for create box and everything for get it worked! Jan nettigo it’s a bes solution for me! I am very happy :smiley:
More thanks! With your API, i should have everything for create graphic :ok_hand:

@pagu good to hear and glad to help!