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hi everyone, first of all i really enjoy my stay in the Sensor Community keep up the good work. there is one thing i would like to see in the Community and that is guide/instruction video’s. the community is only using text and picture instructions to help u get setup with a sensor. some people get stuck or dont know what to do. it would be helpfull to get a visual look on how it works and what to do. thanks!

Actually the video would have to be very long to explain everything. In my experience, most of the time people get stuck because the have not read the instructions. The better way is to contact directly (tech@ or this forum) because we now all the tricks and problems. Feel free to produce your own video as the project is open source.
On my side I will ask some people in France which would maybe need a video very soon.
Actually anyone can send me a film (iphone quality, horizontal) of the mounting and I will do the voice over (+ flashing with screen record)

I’ve thought about recording short videos for every section. But the main problem, why I didn’t do it, was the multiple languages. I don’t know how to tackle this problem, people from other nations need good mic and good isolation from echos or other reverberation because good audio quality is essential for the comprehension. And also how to deal with text overlays (if there are necessary), it’s not possible to translate them inside the video, so everybody need e.g. final cut to edit and render the movies.
That was my main concerns why I didn’t record the videos.

I won’t promise I will use final cut (rather imovie) but I can assure you that I can record a voice over with a good quality and make some subtitles. If someone is currently mounty a sensor, just record a video (iphone quality, horizontal). My offer will not last for the eternity…

I’ve made this

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Nice video, clear and well explained.

Thank you very much.

Concerning the video. I also did one in French but very long…
I could cut it in a lot of small video responding to concrete question.
1 short video for each question.
What question would you list ?
Maybe a bit like this:
Give me your ideas.

Is this the correct link?

Yes. It is just an example.

  • What can I see on the main map ?
  • How many people are currently participating in SC ?
  • Which component will I need to build the sensor ?
  • How do I prepare my computer for the installation ?
  • How do I flash the board ?
  • How do I put everything together ?
  • What kind of case should I use ?
  • How do I do a disgnostic in case of problem ?

ah - an example of the style? As I see details of a watch.