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Grafana: set `Y-Min` to `0` instead of `auto` in graphs

There are several graphs which use auto as value for Y-Min instead of 0 which means plotted data will be cut off at a higher value than 0 when no single measurement within the displayed timeframe is low enough.
This causes misleading representations when comparing multiple data series next to each other or the same data series with different timeframes, as shown in the examples below:

This problem affects at least the PM Dashboard and the “Single sensor view”, but others might be affected as well.

I am not sure it is configurable… @ricki-z
You can export data from Grafana and/or use the archives in the Website.

@eliasp This could be configured. But I’m sure that some other users would like to have it the way it is :wink: But I think this is a problem for all projects with so many users …
We are a volunteered project with only limited time to administer all the tools we provide for the users. And for the graphs we used nearly the same config for the graphs over all types of sensors. So we can copy easier any changes we need to make in the case of errors, problems or software updates.
The other graphs need some more flexibility on the y-axis (neg. temperatures, offset of nearly 900 hPa for pressure).

Thanks for the reply - I appreciate that and fully understand why you’re hesitant making those configuration changes.
I blindly assumed you’re using some kind of configuration management solution to manage your dashboard YAMLs where you inherit a default configuration per dashboard and only apply customizations where needed.

I was planning to set up a personal Grafana instance for some other use cases of mine anyways, so I’ll make use of data exports and then push my sensors’ data to my personal timeseries DB as well.

Keep up the good work & thank you!

You can also call our API:

Or configure your own sensors to send to a custom API.

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