Geiger - Export data from Multigeiger

how can I extract the data upload about my Multigeiger?
I tried from grafana, but it is correct not to expose anything, the data are completely different.
how can I do?

It should be in Archive.Sensor.Community

I find only PM Sensor in the daily folders.
I tried to look for my sensors and the ones I assembled for friends, so I find them all except the geiger sensor

Just looked and I can find them in This is from yesterday.

Check radiation and then your tube and then your id.

If it’s not in the archive, then check if you upload your data in the first place.

I have made Arduino code to pick up data dynamically. Just wanted an LCD display in my house like a thermometer, showing the radiation level at the very moment.

It uses an asynchronic webserver and a parsing routine that retrieves a json file from

and retrieves the desired values from this json file.

you’re right, I wrote down a wrong public ID. It was enough to look more carefully …
your monitor project is interesting. it’s a good idea