Gaps in madavi Grafna graphs

Is it “normal” for there to be some gaps or dropouts in data being reported on the Grafna graphs?

I have a Nettigo based sensor, it’s been up and running for just over month now. The internet connection and WiFi that it’s using appears to be stable… There are other things on the LAN that would tell me if there is a general instability of internet connection. I have done a test from another device on the local WiFi doing a continuous ping of the Nettigo IP and there were no dropped or lost packets in 24hrs.

If you look at the screenshot below there’s a significant gap overnight last night.

If this isn’t normal, how would I go about diagnosing where it’s going wrong? Thanks…

So in the absence of any feedback, I thought I would reply with an update. Without any changes that I have made it seems to have improved over the past few days.

There are some gaps now but they are much briefer and they are very much less frequent.

Would still be interested to know whether this is something unique to me or if others have seen similar gaps in their Grafna graphs.

I do have, however rarely, gaps in Grafana