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Frequency of measurements


First of all thanks for the great work! Installing the firmware was super easy. The biggest challenge I was facing was the closure of all Baumarkts due to Covid :slight_smile:

Now my question: in the firmware the default frequency for the measurements is 145. Is there a reason for this specific number? Should that be adjusted and if so, what would be the frequency?

Thanks in advance!

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We are showing the values of the last 5 minutes on our map. But sometimes a transmission may fail. So we set the interval to the half of this (150 second). And as the interval doesn’t include the time for sending the data we had to shorten this by some seconds.
Another point is the lifetime of the SDS011. If running continuously the lifetime would be around 8000 hours. The interval of around 2.5 minutes should result in a lifetime of around 5 years.
But why should this be adjusted? If we would want another measurement interval then we would have set this as the default…
Another point is the load and volume of data created on our servers. Actually we receive 13 mio. measurements per day. Decreasing the interval will result in much more measurements.

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What happens if you make the interval longer than 5 minutes? For example for a device running on batteries.

Maybe ricky-z will correct me but I think you will only miss some updates of the data on the map (there is a reload every 5 minutes), making the point disappear from time to time. If I remember well the API tries to collect all the sensor data in a timespan of 5 minutes and send the json to the map.

Yes, the sensor may disappear from the map from time to time. The map show only sensors that has sent data in the last 5 minutes.
And the graphs may may look “strange” (single points instead of a continuous line).

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(150 - 145 = 5 seconds)

When the sensor, according to its status page, needs more then 5 seconds for uploading

Time spent uploading 8922 ms
Time spent uploading 14076 ms
Time spent uploading 13776 ms

would it be wise to adjust the “Measuring interval (sec):”, and by which value?

The timespan is good like this imho .

Do you See some holes in the curves? If not there is no Problem. The data are updated regularly.

Yes, there are some gaps in the madavi graphs:

Wi-Fi signal and quality is steady:

It looks very stable though.
„When it works don‘t repair it!“