Finding the Sensor IP once connected to WIFI network

Hello community! I am having an issue with connecting to the sensor page through my local network. The sensor is running perfectly and actively making measurements (great!) but I cannot see the AirRohr IP address to login neither on my router nor when I use the flashing tool (this was suggested in a previous thread). Any hints as to how to make the sensor visible on the flashing tool or my router would be super helpful. Sorry for such a basic question.
Thank you!

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Are you 100 % sure the sensor is well connected ? Please send me all the IDs you can and the coordinates for the map. I want to check.
To use the flasher, the computer running the software must be connected to the same WiFi network.
You can also get the IP in the Serial Log in the beginning. It is written during the void setup() function.

Hello PJ - thanks so much for your quick response! I’m getting readings all the time so it is active.
In terms of details it’s Sensor #82628 located in Chelmiec, Poland Lat: 49.63977332990 Long:20.65293967724

With regards to the Flasher, yes we only have one WIFI network. Having just seen the back-end I can see the latest update was a few minutes ago so it’s definitely connected.
Thanks in advance!

Dear PJ forgive me all is good now i found it. The problem was that we have a repeater for the WIFI signal in the house. Somehow the IP was running specifically through this repeater and not visible on the main router. I switched off the repeater and the airrohr address popped up on the main router. So sorry for the bother but if somebody else in the future has the same issue - check the WIFI repeater if you have one :slight_smile: thanks again for the speedy response PJ and looking forward to being part of the community.

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