Find all PM1 or/and Plantower sensors

Hi, I had 2 questions :

  • Is there a way to find all sensors delivering PM1 data ?
  • Is there a way to find all Plantower (PMS) sensors ?

Thanks +++


good question- might help if you give specifics like geographical area and date range.

the hard way to do this would be to comb through the csv data files. oh - that won’t include location.

i don’t recall which database is used for sensor registration/ management. this data retrieval by gps was done recently for the tongan tsunami event - where pressure mapping was done to show waves 1,2,3 from north, east, and africa

You can do or with the monthly archives and csvgrep. We can have a call for me to show how to do it.

Monthly archives:

pip3 install csvkit

Then if you have to filter

csvgrep -d ";" -c sensor_id -r "^2492$|^4686$|^10557$" 2022-02_pms7003.csv > testnewfin.csv

Use the SensorIDs you want.
You can also use the normal data.json to get the IDs of all currently active sensors with PM1 and scrap the old way but it is a lot more difficult.

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Thanks, you helped me a lot !!