Feinstaubsensor- Wifi-Password

Hi, unfortunately I have forgotten the Wifi-Password for my “Feinstaubsensor”. Starting up it shows me an AccessPint with “Feinstaubsensor-1234567”, but I can’t login.
I was trying to change it a long time ago -my sensor was online for several years.
But now I can’t connect it anymore.

Any ideas how to reset the password?
Thanks in advance!
Peter, Bern, Switzerland

By default there is no wifi password. So maybe re-flashing will solve your problem.

The PW is only in Beta version.
Default is airrohrcfg.

You will probably have to reflash.
In the modern time we all have a lot of PW to remember. Please don t add a useless one if you can t remember it…

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Thanks for the replies.
No chance… I cna’t login any more.
I will opoen a ne topic because my mac can’t find the nodemcu v3

You can try different passwords again and again, as far i know it has no “fail2ban” feature or so.

But you should be able to re-flash the device, make sure to use a data cable (and not a charging-only cable).