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Exclude indoor sensors in Map

First of all I want to thank you about the site (and the underlaying infrastructure).

Since a couple of week I’ve a sensor in my backyard that sends data to Sensor.Community. In return the “world” can see the particulate matter. I like the idea and therefore I participate.

But I notice in the real nice map that also indoor sensors are included (and I see no way to exclude them). If you zoom in this a real strange. Next to mine sensor, which is green right now (lucky me), I see a gray diamond. The legend doesn’t say what that means (and I guess that its values are not included). Also when you zoom out (where this project is just great) you see the gray diamonds at the edges.

My remark is: can you make a filter to include exclude indoor nodes (like Local labs/wind layer).

The project was firstly an open source project for outdoor air quality that provided information about the PM concentration. It was not thought to aggregate indoor measurement which are of no public interest. The indoor checkbox was added because some users just want to monitor the air in their houses… As you can see in the table the indoor sensor are registered as such and their values are not integrated in the calculation of the median (colour of the hexagon). The way the hexagons are working (thus is a d3js library) can make a grey one appear at certain zoom level. It is just because it is here at these geocoordinates.

Hi Pierre-Jean,

Thanks for the explanation.

The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) fetches data from this community and publishes at
They don’t make a distinction between indoor and outdoor. I’ve sent them an email about this issue.

Thanks for your help !

The indoor tag is in the API :


It should be easy to filter.