Evaluate data of a sensor from json file


I want to pull out the sensor data from a sensor from the json file https://data.sensor.community/static/v2/data.1h.json (average of all measurements per sensor of the last hour).
Find the sensor by the ID and then read P1 and P2 to work with them.
I would like to query/evaluate this via python3, but I’m not that good at writing scripts.
Because the structure of the json file is a bit special, I don’t know how to do it.
Has there possibly already someone built something or can help me with it?


The structure is normal. It is a json.
Try to identify 1 sensor between the { brackets. Then use an online json to Excel converter to see the structure of 1 data if needed.

What do you want to do? Just a few times or a sort of App?

For python the beautifulsoup library works quite straight forward for analyzing json data.